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Analyze, Understand, Simplify...

We believe that simplification is the essence of solving problems and delivering solutions. Simplification is the succinct, precise and complete elaboration of "what needs to be done" to address a problem, requirement or a gap. Simplification also is the process of filling the gap between business and technology and bringing them on the same page.

As consultants, our most important objective is to simplify client problems and requirements so that they can be addressed by implementing appropriate Process changes, System changes and Operational changes.

We use a very basic approach that we describe as "Analyze, Understand, Simplify.. Implement" that sums up what we do.

In our opinion, Technology is the easy part. Any technical implementation needs to completely align with delivering business value. The business value can be solving a business problem, addressing business needs that generate growth or deliver profitability, enable business to get-to-market quicker than the competition, streamline and automate operations for better productivity or supporting the continuous innovation process of the business.

At ISG Prime, we are committed to ensuring that our technical solutions are fully aligned to the business and deliver tangible business value. Moreover, our objective is to deliver the business value in an incremental manner so that there is easy adoption, buy-in, enthusiasm and motivation among all our client participants.
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